Customize Your Best External Hard Drive

OTCPP  provides customized services for VIP customers.
Custom includes: large capacity(TB), color, logo (pattern), and quantity requirements.
If you don't need LOGO (pattern) customization, you can buy it directly.
If you need a custom LOGO (pattern), please contact us.

Custom service fee is between $ 10-30 (depending on the pattern)
General: name (cost $ 10)
               logo (cost $ 15)
               pattern (cost $ 20)
               complex multi-colored patterns (cost $ 30)

1. Please buy basic products first,
2. Then send the order number and customized content to us via email or submit a customized form.
3. After receiving the information, we will send a confirmation email, which will send you customized service fees and payment information,
4.After confirming the payment, we will immediately customize the external hard drive that belongs to you.

We will carefully check your external hard drive before delivery, and send you the photos and shipping ID.