Our Story

Established in 2007, OTCPP has spent 13 years performing transformation and R&D on traditional external hard drive, bringing out eight portable external hard drive one after another. Thanks to the latest generation OTCPP 8.0 External HDD, the inherent impression of the traditional external hard drive on people has been changed, and new data transmission experience is created.

Are traditional external hard drives too heavy?
Are traditional external hard drives excessively huge?
Is transmission speed low?
Is your external hard drive short of memory with a prompt of full memory?
Is reading unavailable due to damage to a hard drive?

Lots of documents valuable to us are lost in backups…

The latest generation External HDD of OTCPP is made of aluminum alloy and gets rid of the heaviness of traditional hard drive; the ultrathin and mini appearance makes the portable hard drive easy to carry; by use of the portable hard drive provided with two Type-C interfaces, read-write speed is greatly increased; the extension of the memory meets the demand of individuals on storage; and with safe and stable properties, the portable hard drive is a better reliable assistant in guarding data for you.

We aim to make data transmission (back-up) easier, faster, more portable and safer.

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