Aurora Projector Night Light for Kids, Aurora Projector Kids Star Night Light Projection Lamp

Aurora Projector Night Light for Kids, Aurora Projector Kids Star Night Light Projection Lamp

Aurora Projector Night Light for Kids, Aurora Projector Kids Star Night Light Projection Lamp


【Breath-taking Projecting Effects & Large Projecting Area】The aurora light projector offers three fantastic light alternatives, respectively aurora light with four color variations, the green laser light and the moon imitative projection, all with fantastic effect. The projection area reaches 215~861ft², sure to have the whole bedroom, living room or other places covered under the romantic vibe!

【Built-in Bluetooth Speaker for Music Play】The built-in Bluetooth speaker brings a pleasant auditory effect. Simply connect the device to your phone by Bluetooth, then you’ll be able to play any music on your phone while enjoying the fantastic aurora light. If you entering the acoustic control mode, the fantastic light can even flow and dance with the music tempo! An ideal accompany to create countless wonder nights for you and your kids!

【Remote Control & Automatic Shutdown】This night projector comes with a handy remote control. You can effortlessly alter the brightness/color of the light, turn on/off, set the timer or adjust the volume of Bluetooth by clicking on different buttons. It will automatically shut down after 4 hours of displaying by its default setting. You can also reset the timer to 1h or 2h as needed. Great mechanism to avoid battery waste!

【Projector For Wide Application & Perfect Gift】With this aurora light projector, you are allowed to have a spectacular light show on your own ceiling. It is rather suitable to be applied as an atmosphere light, night light and so on. Nifty night light projector for various bar decors, friends gathering, parties, birthday events, karaoke, bedroom, game room and so on. Meantime it is a perfect gift to wow your family members, children, friends, colleagues and so on.

【Trustworthy After-sales Service】Besides the best quality of the product, we have adequate confidence to offer the best buying experience for our customers as well. We guarantee a worry-free and integrate customer service and promise to take a quick measure to provide quick refund or return if quality issue happens. If you get some questions about this product, please feel free to contact us!

Product Description

Bring Yourself, Your Partner and Friends An Indoor Journey to the Space! You Should Try This Out For Fulfilling Your Fantasy


Do you desire to wander in the romantic space? Are you tired of staring at the ceiling of endless emptiness every night? This gadget allows you to turn any room into a fantastic space just in seconds. Let the aurora and the moon accompany with you at nights!


NO MORE Confined Space: 20~80㎡ widening projection area, adequate enough to display in bedroom, living room and many other occasions.


Acoustic Control Mode: The acoustic control function makes this projector a perfectly fantastic gadget. When the mode is on, the light will fluctuate in accordance with the tempo and flow of the music you play. Once the music pauses, the projector will automatically enter the stand-by status and the light will shut off. The environment sound might also arouse the changes of the light in this mode.


Automatic Shutdown: According to the default setting, the projector will automatically shut down after 4 hours of displaying. No more battery wasting for the whole night. And meantime it allows you to reset the timer to 1h or 2h as needed.


Bluetooth Speaker: Loaded with a built-in premium quality Bluetooth speaker, this aurora projector not only brings a pleasant visual experience, but an auditory feast!


Gorgeous Light Show: Three fantastic light alternatives include four color variations of aurora light, green laser and imitative projection of the moon.


Remote Control: Comes with a fairly user-friendly remote control, it allows you to effortlessly alter the brightness/color of the light, turn on/off, timing, adjust the volume of Bluetooth and so on by simply clicking on the targeted button.


Various Occasions: Nifty night light projector for various bar decors, friends gathering, parties, birthday events, karaoke, bedroom, game room and so on.



Perfect Gift Choice: Perfect for gifting your family members, friends, colleagues, children and so on.



  1. The product is with waterproof grade of IP20. Any humid environment is NOT recommended when storing it.

The Bluetooth speaker only allows to play music. Conversation on the call cannot be transmitted. When the music is playing, any phone call will stop the music immediately.

Indoor/night/dark environment is recommended for the best using experience of this product. Outdoor/daytime environment with strong light might cause a pale effect.

Please use adapter which is compatible to this product (DC 5V/2A).

  1. Read the safety instruction and user manual carefully before usage.
  2. Battery of the remote control is not included within the package.



-Material: ABS

-Working Temperature: -4℉~104℉ (-20℃~40℃)

-Projection Area: 215~861 square feet (20~80m2)

-Projector Weight: 337g/11.8oz

-Projector Size: 17 x 9.5 x 11 cm/6.7 x 3.74 x 4.33 in

-Charging Method: USB

-Power Input: 100-240V AC50-60Hz

-Color: Black



1 x Aurora Night Projector

1 x USB Cable

1 x User Manual

1 x Remote Control (Battery Not Included)

Upgraded Type-C HDD For Fast Transmission

Here is an upgraded Type-C/USB3.1 HDD, the transmission speed of which is up to 400MB/S, reading 5 times as fast as usual hard drives while writing 2 times as fast, very efficient and stable! Its Type-C port supports free insertion on both sides, enhancing life span and your use convenience.

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Portable Alloy Hard Drive With Excellent Performance

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Fast speed

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Long life

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Ultra-compact and slim to lie in your palm and travel everywhere in your pocket.Super light, only 37g.


Smartly designed with auto sleep function to prevent body heat and cut consumption.


Improved metal shell and matte surface to add a texture and offer comfy hand touch.


More safety and trustable improvements to secure your important data.

Technical specifications and Shipping Info

  • Specification

    -Type: HDD
    -Material: Aluminum Alloy, Matte, Chip
    -Ports: Type-C/USB3.1
    -Speed: 400MB/S
    -Capability Available: 1TB 2TB
    -Drive Specification: 10x3.2x0.9cm/3.9x1.26x0.35in
    -Drive Weight: 37g/1.3oz
    -Colors Available: Black, Red, Blue, Silver, Gold

  • What’s Included:

    1x Aluminum Alloy Portable HDD
    1x USB3.1 USB-C to USB A Cable
    1x Type-C 3.1 Adapter

  • Shipping info:

    Fast Shipping from: USA / UK / Germany / France / Italy / Spain / Japan.
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100% Guaranteed Satisfaction

For every buyer supporting this portable HDD, we promise to offer a 12-month warranty or return/replacement service. Any problem, please feel free to contact us for quick solution. We have been ready to provide you premium products as well as quality services!