OTCPP Portable Alloy External HDD - Customized

2TB ssd nvme



Customize Your Best External Hard Drive

OTCPP HDD provides customized services for VIP customers.
Custom includes: large capacity(TB), color, logo (pattern), and quantity requirements.
If you don't need LOGO (pattern) customization, you can buy it directly.
If you need a custom LOGO (pattern), please contact us.

Custom service fee is between $ 10-30 (depending on the pattern)
General: name (cost $ 10)
              logo (cost $ 15)
              pattern (cost $ 20)
               complex multi-colored patterns (cost $ 30)

Please buy basic products first,
Then send the order number and customized content to us via email or submit a customized form.
After receiving the information, we will send a confirmation email, which will send you customized service fees and payment information,
After confirming the payment, we will immediately customize the external hard drive that belongs to you.

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