WiFi Booster WiFi Extender Booster 300Mbps WiFi Booster Range Extender Dual Band WiFi of 2.4GHz, Compatible with All Routers, White

WiFi Booster WiFi Extender Booster 300Mbps WiFi Booster Range Extender Dual Band WiFi of 2.4GHz, Compatible with All Routers, White

WiFi Booster WiFi Extender Booster 300Mbps WiFi Booster Range Extender Dual Band WiFi of 2.4GHz, Compatible with All Routers, White


【20M WiFi Extended Range With Strong Penetrability】Use this WiFi extender to expand router's signal throughout your home. Its 20M wireless extended range makes far-distance transmission a breeze, plus the strong penetrability through two walls, allowing you to enjoy movie or game without worrying about WiFi dead zone.

【300Mbps High-speed, Stable Wireless Access】This WiFi extender, widely compatible with IEEE 802.11n/g/b standards, shows high-speed wireless transmission up to 300Mbps. Also with two external antennas to improve existing WiFi coverage and stability, ideal for video watching, online gaming, Internet calling and more.

【Repeater/AP Mode For Wireless/Wired Link】Apart from wireless connectivity as a repeater, its LAN port also provides wired link at AP mode. Unlike most other extenders, the WiFi signal of this item can be connected by 10 devices instead of only 5, universally supporting Windows XP/Vista/Linnux/Win7/Win8/Win8.1/Win10/Mac OS systems.

Upgraded Type-C HDD For Fast Transmission

Here is an upgraded Type-C/USB3.1 HDD, the transmission speed of which is up to 400MB/S, reading 5 times as fast as usual hard drives while writing 2 times as fast, very efficient and stable! Its Type-C port supports free insertion on both sides, enhancing life span and your use convenience.

Ultra Slim And Huge Capability

This external HDD is ultra-slim and extra light, portable enough to carry in bags or pockets. Plus the large capacity of 1TB, 2TB or more huge and the energy-saving feature, it’s really your perfect movable database. High-resolution photos, 3D video, lossless music and more, backing up massive amounts of data becomes a breeze! it’s a good pick! 

So Smart, So Compatible

This hard drive is smart enough to light up as indication when inserted, even to sleep automatically when not operated for 10min, bringing less body heat and more data security. Its strong compatibility makes it workable with 99% of PC systems, including Apple MAC, WIN7/8/8.1/10, Android and more!

Portable Alloy Hard Drive With Excellent Performance

The quality aluminum alloy shell offers great heat dissipation for durability and safety. Also add matte texture to bring you comfort touch while preventing fingerprint. Inside with no mechanical parts and outside with rounded edges, this hard drive is shockproof and anti-drop, a trustable guard for your valued data!


Fast speed

Compared with usual hard drives, this upgraded HDD ensures much higher speed of up to 100MB/S, yet with less consumption.

Long life

Advanced Type-C port supports blind insertion on both sides, ensuring less damage and longer service life.


Ultra-compact and slim to lie in your palm and travel everywhere in your pocket.Super light, only 37g.


Smartly designed with auto sleep function to prevent body heat and cut consumption.


Improved metal shell and matte surface to add a texture and offer comfy hand touch.


More safety and trustable improvements to secure your important data.

Technical specifications and Shipping Info

  • Specification

    -Type: HDD
    -Material: Aluminum Alloy, Matte, Chip
    -Ports: Type-C/USB3.1
    -Speed: 400MB/S
    -Capability Available: 1TB 2TB
    -Drive Specification: 10x3.2x0.9cm/3.9x1.26x0.35in
    -Drive Weight: 37g/1.3oz
    -Colors Available: Black, Red, Blue, Silver, Gold

  • What’s Included:

    1x Aluminum Alloy Portable HDD
    1x USB3.1 USB-C to USB A Cable
    1x Type-C 3.1 Adapter

  • Shipping info:

    Fast Shipping from: USA / UK / Germany / France / Italy / Spain / Japan.
    Delivery time: Usually arrive within 3-7 days. (Except for some special cases)

100% Guaranteed Satisfaction

For every buyer supporting this portable HDD, we promise to offer a 12-month warranty or return/replacement service. Any problem, please feel free to contact us for quick solution. We have been ready to provide you premium products as well as quality services!